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Is your Rental Property Managing your life?

The biggest mistake we see investors make is attempting to save money by being the landlord. This usually spells disaster unless one obtains extensive education, has great people skills, and develops a thorough understanding of Landlord Tenant law. This is also a very time consuming proposition that cuts into the leisure and family activities and usually doesn’t just stop with being the landlord.  What we typically see is that in order to save more money, the owner ends up doing the maintenance, repairs, make readies, tenant screening, and leasing of the property. What is your time and sanity worth? Again, the primary objective is to make money. Most people are not really looking for another part-time job but performing these tasks is exactly that!


Two of the primary reasons we invest in real estate is for positive cash flow and equity appreciation.  Equity appreciation is achieved two ways: Steady market appreciation due to inflation over time and forced equity.  The first is something we have very little control over, but the later can be achieved through improved property condition by way of improvements and increased property performance. Great management is the most critical component for achieving optimum property performance.

Quality property Management

As we mentioned earlier, property management is probably the most important part of your team. Great management companies can make your investment housing very profitable and poor management will most certainly put your business in the red. We now offer full property management services here in the Tri-Cities and can assist you with finding these providers in other markets as well. It’s important to note however, that there is much more involved with investing and working with property managers in markets outside your local area. Please contact us if we can assist you with finding great property management.

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One of our property managers will meet with you to evaluate your property and make recommendations to obtain the optimal monthly rent.  You will be provided with insight based on neighborhood, condition, surrounding properties and a comparable market analysis.

Our targeted marking program will release your property to 14 different marketing websites, place signs in front yards and other various marketing outlets. Using the latest technology and software systems, new residents will be able to view your property with ease. New residents have the option of having an in person showing or utilizing our self-showing system. Our self-showing system is unique to our local market and eliminates the common problem other management companies due to missed opportunities because of schedule conflicts.

This is the number one way to ensure a successful tenancy. Carefully screening future residents can greatly reduce the chances they will stop paying rent, damage the unit, or will become a neighborhood nuisance. We utilize a national screening agency to screen credit, rental history, employment verification, and criminal history.  However, we don’t stop at the screening report.  If further inquiry is needed, our staff will call, email, or use our other sources to vet future residents. 

We use a national pet screening agency for all pets.  There is a standardized fee and pet rent schedule based on the risk assessed by the pet agency.  In addition, all assistance animal requests are reviewed by a legal team that is HIPAA compliant.

As a licensed real estate company, our leases have been reviewed by our attorneys to ensure that enforceable language is used in our leases. Residents are given leases in advance to read over and ask questions prior to signing.  In addition, our staff will complete an in-person video walk through of the move-in condition of your property.  A move-in Property Condition Report will be signed by all of appropriate parties.

Your rental income will be promptly collected at the beginning of each month. Residents can pay rent online via our software or bring rent personally to our drop location. In the event a resident is late with rent you will be notified and we will serve all legal notices that are applicable.   After rents have been collected, all proceeds will be electronically dispersed to your bank account.

  • Timely and quality maintenance is key to protecting your investment. Our goal is to provide you with high quality service at a reasonable price using our extensive network of local vendors to ensure all work is completed. 
  • Residents have access to their portal giving them 24-hour access to submitting a maintenance request and it will be forwarded to our office to be addressed daily. Emergency calls will be directed to one of our staff immediately day or night. 
  • We always follow up with the resident to ensure the work performed was done in a timely and professional manner.
  • inspections of every property are performed on a bi-annual basis to assess any preventative maintenance items.
  • After every move out, we work together with the owner to determine what repairs or improvements that should be made in order to get maximum rents.
  • Communication is key when it comes to making sure your investment is yielding the highest return. Every month you will receive a detailed accounting report for your property. If there is anything out of the ordinary happening on your property we will immediately notify you the moment it is brought to our attention.  
  • As an owner you will have access to an online owner portal that allows you to access reports, leases, management agreements, and other information anytime of day or night.
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